Boulevardia helps grow Kansas City's West Bottoms district

Approximately 47,500 people attended Boulevardia this year. This is an increase from last year's festival that brought in 40,000 people to West Bottoms, organizers said.

The growth in attendance is helping the growing the district.

Bartendards at the Stockyards Brewery says on Friday and Saturday business was booming. The brewery has only been open for two months.

“We’ve been having a lot of people that don’t normally come down to the West Bottoms coming in and checking us out and with us being so new it’s really kind of given us an opportunity to shine and kind of put a spot light in this area,” said bartender Mike Payne.

Just across the street from the Stockyards is Kemper, which developers hope to making into a youth sporting center.

Vice President of Full Moon Production Amber Arnette-Bequeaith has been running four hunted houses in the West Bottom for decades. She’s happy to see the growth, but says more needs to be done.

“Now we are getting a lot of those big infrastructure elements but back into place, so work on the bridges work on sewers work on sewer grates, lighting, way finding these are all things we are still working on putting in to place for the area,” she said.